Android AnyConnect Installation

GhostArc uses AnyConnect to provide easy to use VPN services that are supported in Android and can be automatically updated each time Cisco publishes an updated application on the official Play store. To use the AnyConnect client on your Android device, follow these instructions:

The first step is to generate and install the certificate that will be used to authenticate your device to the VPN server, after which you will install and run the AnyConnect VPN client software. It is easiest to perform the process of creating your certificates on the device you want to install them on.

From the Ghostarc dashboard, click "Manage Credentials."

Android Certificate Generation

Click the "New Credential" button to proceed.

Android Certificate Generation

Choose a name for the VPN certificate bundle. We recommend choosing a name that will help you remember which device you installed this certificate on in case you want to change it later. You can use up to 64 characters, spaces are not permitted.

Android Certificate Naming

Click The orange button in the retrieve column to download the certificate bundle onto your device. On Android devices this process will require you to grant permission for your browser to write files.

Android Certificate Retrieve Button

Android Certificate Update Permissions

Android Certificate Allow Files Access

When prompted for the password, entire "GhostArc" and then click OK.

Android Certificate Password Entry


To Proceed with installing AnyConnect, either click the Download Client button in the dashboard, or manually open the Google Play Store on your Android Device.

Google Play Store Splash Screen

Tap the search field, type in "Anyconnect", and tap on the first result, which has a white circle icon with blue and green bands as shown as the first result below.

Google Play Store Search Results

When the page below appears, tap the install button to proceed.

Install AnyConnect on Android

You must now grant AnyConnect the permissions that it will require in order to run. Tap accept when presented with the permissions request shown below.

Android AnyConnect Accept Permissions Request

The Google Play Store will show "installing" briefly, and then update to show uninstall and open buttons as shown below. Tap Open to proceed.

Open AnyConnect for Android from Google Play

The first time you run AnyConnect, you will be asked to accept a license agreement from Cisco, as shown below. Tap ok to proceed.

AnyConnect License Agreement Page

To connect to the VPN for the first time, click where it says "Connection/No connection" as shown below."

AnyConnect Android Create Connection

Click on "Add New VPN Connection..."

AnyConnect Android Add VPN Connection

Fill out the fields the same as shown below and click "done."

AnyConnect Android Configure Connection

The next few steps load the certificate that was downloaded earlier into AnyConnect. Tap on the three dots in the upper right hand corner and choose "Diagnostics".

AnyConnect Android Certificate Ingestion via Diagnostics Menu

Choose "Certificate Management" to proceed.

AnyConnect Android Certificate Management

If this is your first time setting up a connection, the screen will show no certificate under user.

AnyConnect Android No Certificate Yet

Click the three dots in the upper right and choose "Import."

AnyConnect Android Import Certificate

When the menu appears choose "Device Credential Storage."

AnyConnect Android Device Credential Storage

Click the circular button to the right of your recently created certificate and click "Allow." Do not click the "Install" button.

AnyConnect Android Allow Certificate Access

You will be returned to the Certificate Management screen and should see your certificate under the user section now.

AnyConnect Android Certificate is Loaded

Click on the off switch to start the connection for the first time!

AnyConnect Android Connect

Leave the group setting on connect, and then Click "connect."

AnyConnect Android Import Certificate

On the first connection only, you may be prompted to give the AnyConnect permission choose "OK"

AnyConnect Android Import Certificate